About us

Some more information

The Antagonist Racing Team was founded on June 16th, 2019 by Melvin and Dennis. The original name was S.T.E.R. Motorsport, an acronym for Slow Turtle Endurance Racing Motorsport. The racing team was founded due to a topic on Tweakers about iRacing. At first, Dennis took a liking to iRacing. He was drawn to compete in endurance competitions. However, to compete in such competions, a team with multiple drivers is required.

Melvin registered first and together with Johnny they drove their first 3-hour-match at Spa. By doing so, they reached a great result, namely P1. The tone was set! After Melvin and Johnny, Vincent joined the team. Subsequently more drivers joined after different requests on among other platforms Tweakers. On our team page you can find our current team composition.

Every driver has their own simulator setup at home. Some of them take it far by using three monitors or by driving a set rig. Others keep it more modest with only a steering wheel and a set of pedals. We use Discord as means of communication. This is a platform where we keep in touch by text and voice-communication.

What are the origins of the name?

The team’s activities did not go unnoticed at for example Antagonist, a webhoster from Enschede (the Netherlands). It is not a coincidence that Dennis is employed there and that there are some race fanatics within the company.

At the beginning of 2020, Dennis ran into F1 driver Lando Norris during a solo race. Dennis was filled with pride and told his colleague Jeroen, who said: ‘Why do we not participate with Antagonist?’ After consulting the team, the team was renamed officially on March 2 2020 to the current Antagonist Racing Team. We all liked that immensely, because it adds a level of professionalism to the experience. We are driving after all for a ‘real’ company. Adaptions were made for example in the livery. Partners are being mentioned. Furthermore, Antagonist gets some extra exposure in the game. Since then the team has reached a few nice spots, including the victory of 24h Nurburgring and 12h on Sebring in 2020.

Enthusiasm for racing and games

The Antagonist Racing Team was founded purely because of enthusiasm and interests in e-sports. The popularity of e-sports continues to rise. The number of registrations on iRacing is increasing. That is nice to see and both drivers and Antagonist are keen on this development. It is a great hobby during your time off!

We all do this with a lot of fun, which is the most important aspect. We have no hard obligations. A good result is of course nice to have, but having fun is the first priority within the team. Adding to that, new friendships develop and we have fun evenings!